Early Summer Herbs

I love this time of year. All the beautiful shades of greens, the Iris, Peonies, Lupine, and late Lilacs in their full glory. I especially love having fresh herbs growing in pots on my old brick patio. I have long given up having a veggie garden. This was a tough choice for me. The ability to have my own produce outside my door was so appealing. I loved the stress relief of digging in the dirt and watching my babies grow. Unfortunately, when everything was ripe and ready, so was my catering schedule. What at first was joy, quickly became something else, as I watched the garden being taken over by weeds and neglect. 

Fast forward, I now enjoy farmers markets along with my friends and neighbors generosity for fresh produce, and I have discovered the joy of pots full of herbs. Those I can handle! By mid summer the pots are spilling over with basil, sage, parsley, cilantro, dill and mint. While I am cooking, sometimes just for my husband and myself, I feel a smile coming on when I go to the old patio and snip some herbs to add to black and red rice, or perhaps to a salad or omelet. 

While my gardening has been reduced to pots filled with herbs and my vast flower gardens, I am still filled with the same joy when I know I can go outside and enjoy whats growing.