Happy Birthday to Shayna, Duck Soup Style!

We are so lucky to have Shayna work with us. She is incredibly dedicated, hardworking, creative, and knows how we like things. I never have to check the platters she sets up, or the tabletops she creates. Although Shayna may not be the chattiest team member, she is a true team leader! Happy Birthday, we hope all your dreams come true!


4th Of July

Did your fourth go a bit to fast? Or go out with a bang? Ours started with a boat parade/water fight! We celebrated with good friends, good food, yummy drinks, fireworks watched from the front porch, and a much needed day off! We hope everyone took a moment to thank the people who provide for our freedom, not just on July 4th but every day!

 Photo by eabff/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by eabff/iStock / Getty Images